Welcome to my artistic realm, a story of creativity that has woven its way through my life since childhood.

Consequently the choice

of art college in Italy, graphics post

college, and lots of researches led by personal inquiries

of all art forms.

In 1999 I embarked on a transformative journey to London : music, art, dancing, studying, assimilating various cultures, living  this eclectic vibrant  city,  and becoming mother of my little eternal muse, have been all elements that gave me the opportunity to cultivate my passion, looking for sources of inspiration, to make myself known and exhibited.

I have participated in various exhibitions, of highlight 

The Bloomsbury art fest, and international art projects have also broaden my horizon..

In 2018 I moved to Copenhagen where I actually live, continuing with my creative path, I decided to publish my first book, thus creating a project that had inspired me for some time: combining drawing with words.

My favourite mediums are watercolor, gouache, pens, and after a recent course I started a new series with the "ink flow" technique, these are paintings that takes inspiration from my book .

Futhermore I have embarked on a special project where my paintings incorporate  with mirrors, creating unique pieces that reflects depth and dimensions.

One of the subjects that I love most to paint is the figure, I have developed my own style,

where the subjects are

immersed in the magical shades of the night:

moonlight, twilight, candlelight, a dark night, the light of a lamp.

My sources of inspiration are music, reading, dance, and finally the most profound personal experiences.

I have developed a style where figures and images inhabit hidden places or dreams,

compositions that create an inner narrative and give a spark to one's stories and emotions.

I invite you to  a journey in to my artisitc voyage, where every stroke, fusion of colours, detail, weaves a stroy of emotions.

BIO and exhibitions

My Book

I introduce you my cherished creation:

This book is the realisation of a dream I had since long: an harmonious fusion of  my paintings with my words, the two elements inspiring and serving as muse to each other,

resonating with the reader/viewer emotions.

I carefully composed the images, evocative of stories, memories, inner journeys.

The words have been choosen to complete the rythm and momentum of the page, the intention is to touch the depth of us, to give sparks to feelings.

Once the paitnings were accomplished I carefully wrote the text by hand on transparent paper and then by computer overimposed the two, achieving a harmony that graces each page, and so, ready to be processed for the printing which was done in Turin, Italy.

Every single detail, from each stroke of brush, the combination of text and image, choice of words, has been cared with a lot of mindfulness, affection and love.

It is a project that has accompained me during a couple of difficult and lonely years, but now, looking back, I truly appriciate those times as it gave fruit to this book/jewel that is of great importance to me.

I have printed limetd copies, which are available for sale.

Book cover
...first page...
her voice calls me
a moment
the echo
like a jewel
like a jewej text
sometimes i feel
sometimes i feel text

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Blue like midnight by Ughetta


Blue like midnight by Ughetta


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